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  • 3 years
  • Minimum Offer: $ 6000

Website for Educational industry

Site Ground

Online Education Learning Marketplace website

Age: 3Years, 183Days

Content- 18 Video courses(Marketing, Network & Security, Personal Development, Programming Languages) 30+ Books, AudioBooks Blog – 40 published post with 32k views

Earnings: $2500(In 2020)

Adsense enabled

Asking price: $6000 Bidding start


Why should someone buy this business?

No Video Creation and book need at first. DONE! There’s also top-selling audio+digital books listed here
Fresh & feature-packed tool that will help you tap into this HUGE industry. I
It’s time to make money by selling information products to lots of customers searching for your products online
Online Education is the Billion Dollar Market
Statista predicts that it will surpass $243 billion by 2022.
And Why not… the e-learning and digital education market is booming.
That’s how all the top online marketers do it & that’s exactly what you need to do.

50+ other Amazing features


Business Strengths

Evergreen Niche
High-Profit Margins
Lots of Repeat Customers
Positive Customer Reviews
The Business Is Currently Growing
Opportunities for a new owner

Launch New Products
Start Selling into New Markets
Introduce Further Revenue Streams

Units: 42

Value: $20,000


Custom technology
Customer databases
Hosting accounts
Marketing materials and collateral
Policy and Process documents

send your offer to dangjulia772@gmail.com

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